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 +Hobart started recording at 220/180520 UT \\
 +Initially had inverted DAS profile, this was corrected at about 220/180600 UT \\
 +Setup for Hobart is Agilent 16.6 GHz, SMY 636 MHz, DAS profile VSOP_HO.PRO \\
 +Coherence check achieved with 929.375 MHz (24th harmonic of 22305 MHz) into the receiver tone port \\
 +Fringe check shows crossed polarization at Hobart (i.e. LCP into IFP#1 and RCP into IFP#2) - sorry about that, local Wiki on 22 GHz setup is out of date \\
 +Calibration done through observations of Jupiter at about 30 deg elevation.  Relative humidity is 100% and 100% overcast.  Estimate opacity probably no better than 0.15.  Assuming an observed flux density for Jupiter of 52 Jy (70 Jy x opacity correction) I get cal heights of 81 and 127 for LCP and RCP which translates to system temperatures of around 2800 Jy (similar for both pols) \\
 +above written by Simon who observed till dawn\\
 +Raining at end of experiment \\
 +Recorded to atnf_voo4b_p1 mounted as /exports/xraid/r_1 \\
 +There was 7% space left on the disk at the end \\
 +Regards, Brett
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