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Recording with Disco (not cDisko!) to ATNF_V011/B1-B7 mounted as /data/xraid1

DAS Profile, 2nd LO 445 MHz

225.05:01:00 DSS-43 (70m) started schedule (RCP-HEMT-IF1, LCP-MASER-IF2 (dead))

225.05:40:00 IF2 input swapped with DSS-34 (34m, RCP)

225.05.45:00 IF2 input (DSS-34) pol changed to LCP

225.05:49:00 Fringe to both antennas (polarizations) confirmed

225.08:10:10 70m observation terminated, 34m is still on going

225.09:40:00 DSS-34 observation terminated, antenna stowed

225.13:35:31 70m resumed observation with on point (2016-615)

225.16:49:32 Observation terminated.

Note added on 2 Oct 2011: log files for this experiment (tsys, 70m flag table, PC-field system log, and weather info files) have been uploaded to the incoming ftp area. Flag table for DSS-34 is not available.

Note added on 9 Oct 2011: As it turned out the 34m tsys file uploaded, v278bti_dss34_lcp.tsys, is based on a wrong file where is no overlap with the observation. A correct file v278bti_dss34_lcp_dcc5.tsys has just been uploaded. Please use this file instead. Thanks PI for pointing out the error.

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