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We missed the start as couldn't type a # via the VNC session to the field system, recording started ~21:45UT

UT 05:28:22 Checking out DBBC as unsure we are recording all 8 chls. UT 06:21:11

Problems with the DBBC remain, doubt we will get any useful data.

We have tried numerous combinations of the DBBC, none of them result in any sensible data recorded on CHs 1 to 8. We see data on Chs 9 to 16 but even these are junk, very bad looking bandpasses!

The set up of DBBC is now; IFA=S band RCP IFB= S band LCP

MK5 setup is now mode=ext:0x0000ffff:1

Have to use DBBC CHs 1 to 8 as this is only way I can see to get USB of these channels recorded.

Can you have a think about the overall setup, perhaps I have forgotten a step/ used an incorrect setting somewhere?

If we can not get data to record on these channels there is no point in recording so if you do spot an error or omission record some data and run vlbi2 to check data is coming through to the recorder. If no go we will have to cancel this session.

If it does work then for correlation during the fringe check Chris etc in Aus. will need to know that;

Ch1=2224-2260 USB RCP Ch2=2260-2276 USB RCP Ch3=2276-2292 USB RCP Ch4=2292-2308 USB RCP Ch5=2224-2260 USB LCP Ch6=2260-2276 USB LCP Ch7=2276-2292 USB LCP Ch8=2292-2308 USB LCP


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