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2nd LO should be 481.4 MHz

DAS Profile: 16MHz_UL_F.PRO

Cdisco recording 16MHz-CH1-4

Recorded to ATNF V0011,B1-7 mounted as /data/xraid1

Observer: Shinji Horiuchi

DOY 235

Tsys 74 K

Note: LCP has frequency instability problem, which tends to be off by upto 40 kHz. We didn't get fringes to other ground based telescope (ATCA and Hobart) during fringe test. RCP should work fine.

12:09:00 on point with recording for fringe test (vc178)

Weather - overcast or rain!

15:25 schedule terminated 5 minutes earlier befor the end due to requirement for the next spacecraft tracking

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