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Recording DAS1 to cavsi1:/data/xraid1 (ATNF V002B) for the first part of the experiment.

Recording DAS2 to cavsi2:/data/xraid1 (ATNF V002A) for the first part of the experiment.

Tied array is 12345 in both IFs.

At 1802, block 27 died in CABB, which took IF2 offline. This block was restored by 1810. Data in IF2 during this period, and data in IF1 from 1806 (during the time we were stopped for reprogramming) will be bad.

Changed DAS2 to cavsi2:/data/removable at 2347 while we changed the cavsi2 Xraid disks.

Changed DAS1 to cavsi1:/data/removable at 0003 while we changed the cavsi1 Xraid disks.

Changed DAS2 to cavsi2:/data/xraid0 (ATNF V008A) at 0007 after the Xraids had been swapped.

Changed DAS1 to cavsi1:/data/xraid0 (ATNF V004A) at 0020 after the Xraids had been swapped.

The sampler stats on both DAS are varying but are being reported as bad quite often (21 21 26 26), and this we attribute to poor and variable weather at the observatory.

Hardware windstow ~00:50-01:30 utc

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