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DAS Mode:

Recorded to /data/xraid0 (LHS) ATNF_V011 A1-7.


IF2 X-band RCP

2nd LO: IF2 485 MHz

DOY 228

15:00:00 DSS-45 schedule start on source, single pol (single channel) recording

15:41:55 Switch to 2 ch recording at 512Mbps, ch1 X-RCP, ch2 S-RCP (as dummy)

15:42:49 Fringe confirmed

17:28:54 DSS-45 stopped

17:38:50 DSS-43 (70m) on point, Ch1-LCP and Ch2-RCP (CORRELATOR PLESAE NOTE!)

17:50:40 fringe confirmed but polarisation appears to be swapped from what's scheduled. Leave as it is.

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