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DAS Profile:

16 MHz ch1-4

2nd LO IF1:485 IF2:517 MHz

DOY 229

15:05 DSS-43 started recording

fring detected in only ch4, afuto shows only ch4 band profile, all others are flat

16:05 fringe detected in ch 3 & 4 but not in ch1&2, fauto shows only ch3&4 bands correct

18:04 Teaking cables might have fixed problem. fauto shows all channel spectra

18:05 fringe confirmed

18:29:40 DSS-43 finished recording

18:30:00 DSS-45 started recording

19:59:40 DSS-45 finished

DOY 230

17:50:00 DSS-43 started onsource

18:39:57 antenna stow

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