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Agilent : 11.1 GHz
SML01 and SML02 set to 468/810 MHz for ICRF mode and 810/810 MHz for masers
DAS Profile : VSOP.PRO
BG3 cable out
Data recorded to ATNFV008B
Observer : Simon
Comments : DAS samplers running hot due to failed fans. System seems to be working OK though.
DAS IFP#1 levels near bottom of range for maser mode and slightly out of range at the top for the ICRF mode. Stats and tsys measurements OK for both though.
Power glitch at about 20:35 UT, antenna offsource required reboot of pcfscd to fix. Onsource and recording data again at 21:58 UT. Unlikely to be any useable data between 20:35 - 21:58 UT.

Windstowed at 0413-0433, 0451-0458

All frequency changes made on time apparently.

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