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-Agilent : 11.1 GHz \\ 
-SML01 and SML02 set to 468/810 MHz for ICRF mode and 810/810 MHz for masers\\ 
-DAS Profile : VSOP.PRO \\ 
-BG3 cable out \\ 
-Data recorded to ATNFV008B \\ 
-Observer : Simon \\ 
-Comments : DAS samplers running hot due to failed fans.  System seems to be working OK though.\\ 
-DAS IFP#1 levels near bottom of range for maser mode and slightly out of range at the top for the ICRF mode.  Stats and tsys measurements OK for both though.\\ 
-Power glitch at about 20:35 UT, antenna offsource required reboot of pcfscd to fix.  Onsource and recording data again at 21:58 UT.  Unlikely to be any useable data between 20:35 - 21:58 UT.\\ 
-Windstowed at 0413-0433 
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