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Recording data with CA04 in IF1, CA01 in IF2

IF1 recorded to cavsi1:/data/xraid0 (ATNF V005A). IF2 recorded to cavsi2:/data/removable

Both antennas on same Narrabri maser, started at 18:24.

Both antennas were disconnected 18:57, and were rephased on the Mopra maser by 17:03. This continued until the end of the recording at around 18:06 or so.

Then we discovered a problem with the way the test gear was configured, so we repeated the experiment. The antennas were put back in the same way, with the Narrabri maser, until 20:35, then the Mopra maser was reconnected and the array rephased at 20:44. Yabei reports the maser recording equipment was ready at 2052:10.

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