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Initial configuration used Agilent at 12.2 GHz but centre frequency of 6404 caused problems. DAS offset was constantly cycling and causing alarms. If output showed strong tone near to band edge. SMY frequency was 556 MHz, and close to one of the bands known to be bad. Changed Agilent to 12.5 GHz to give same effective 1st LO as Ceduna and adjusted SMY setting. No tone was observed & DAS levels were steady. So, range of suspect LO frequencies needs to be reviewed & expanded.

Agilent 12.5 GHz LCP only SMY01 256 MHZ (channel 1) SMY03 521 MHz (channel 2) DAS profile . Tested previously for correct inversion. Recording to /data/removable/

Power failure and problems restarting between ~0200 and ~0245. Data during this region is suspect.

0236-0245 - Recorded statistics bad (~25% in each)

Stopped and restarted DAS samplers & recorder to attempt to fix bad stats on channel 1 (21/31/35/13). No result…

Data was incorrectly recorded in LBADR format, rather than mk5B.

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