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 +Array on EW352 config. \\
 +Refant CA02 on W104 \\
 +Need 4816 and 4880 MHz which cannot be setup directly at ATCA. Needed to setup +512 MHz (5328 and 5392 MHz) and use an offset of -1 -1 (C-band is non-inverted at the CABB correlator).\\
 +Tied array appears to invert and signal appears inverted at the DAS.
 +CA03 had some issues on freq 2. Hence:
 + up to 02:07UT antennas 12345 were tied
 + at 02:07UT antennas 1245 were tied
 + at 02:07UT antennas tied were 12345 & 1245 i.e. no ca03 on freq 2.
 +1 Gbps recording. Disk sets used were:
 + on DAS1 set ATNF V009B (as xraid0)
 + on DAS2 set ATNF V004A (as xraid0)
 +2nd disk set filled up and stopped ~3mins early...
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