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  • second channel has dropped n power
  • changing coarse attenuation
  • Das levels now centred
  • Using DAS profile 64MHZ_N.PRO
  • Agilent at 10.5 GHz
  • Second LO 668 MHz
  • Coherence tone (961 MHz) just turned off
  • Coherence occurs at 4816-16+5=4805 MHz, rather than 4816-32+5 as expected. Due to the DAS always giving out 16 MHz outputs.
  • Recording at 64 MHz per channel, channels 1,2 via cDiso. BG3 cable installed.
  • Recording to CURT V003B
  • Stats are ok and BIGBUF ok.
  • Recording RCP, LCP
  • LCP power levels shifted again. Coarse atten changed to fix.
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