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ATCA on EW352 config. Refant CA02 on W104.

Array tied ok. Setup at 1928 MHz and cfoffs 1 1 i.e. +512 MHz offset. Inverted CABB spectrum, so +512 actually goes to 1416 MHz sky frequency.
Tied antennas 12345.

DAS profile as PSR64MHZ_N but could not keep DAS levels from varying rapidly. On advise from PI switched to the standard 64MHz_n profile. This stabilised the levels.
Statistics remained about 25 (23-27) for all levels… (Cf. 33 and 17 from Mp). Could not change even after reprogramming DAS and recalibrating CABB.
Last 1/2hr stats correct by lowering the tied-array gain even further (0.08)… To be noted for the future…

fauto shown pass-bands with lots of ripple, about 15% peak-to-peak.
ATCA 64 MHz at the DAS should be non-inverted. (tied array machinery adds inversion?)

Problems with VNCs freezing and very slow networks meant that recording was slow to be started. Could not succeed with remote observing instructions… Ended up having to restart VNC server, and restart recorder_server before cdisko will start. (Could not see any free disks on cavsi2..)

Recorded locally on xraid1 on set ATNF V006B since 15:20UT. On schedule since start time.

15:35:30 UT. Recal the array, to check on stats. Cal ok but no difference in stats.
15:48:30 UT. Back on schedule. (lost 13 mins). Recorder kept running.

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