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Telescope: DSS43 (70m), then DSS34 (34m)

RF path: single pol (RCP), 2IF: D/C1→IF1, D/C2→ IF2

Second LO: IF1 485 MHz, IF2 517 MHz

Recording to ATNF-V011/B1-B7, mounted as /data/xraid1,

then copied to ATNF-E001 and ATNF-E002 drives

Wheather: Overcast

Observer: shinji horiuch

14:48:50 DSS43 On point

14:52:18-15:20:56 recorder stopped by accident

19:05:00 DSS43 terminated

19:07:40 DSS34 started recording

20:39:40 DSS34 terminated

Note added on 28 March 2012: tsys files for DSS-43 & 34 and flag table for DSS-43 have been uploaded to ftp area.

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