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 Dual pol RCP/LCP\\ Dual pol RCP/LCP\\
 \\ \\
-SMY01 and SMY03 set to 6129 MHz\\+SMY01 and SMY03 set to 619 MHz\\
 Agilent at 6.901 MHz\\ Agilent at 6.901 MHz\\
 \\ \\
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 Recording to CURT V007B\\ Recording to CURT V007B\\
 \\ \\
-VNC server crashed, started restart at 18:18 ut+VNC server crashed, started restart at 18:18 ut back by 18:36 - possibly no/little interruption. \\ 
 +Error with IF1, low DAS signal?\\ 
 +No tsys\\ 
 +Above two errors due to DAS levels initially set too high - interference from microwave link. \\Continued observing as Sampler stats look ok.\\
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