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Frequent windstows during the run quite disrupting to the phase referencing pattern of the schedule. Also auto-phasing missed around 23:00 UT (science block 3) due to windstow but probably with little impact on the data given the rather good phase stability.

There is some interference causing fringing pattern in vis on science targets, but doesn't seem to affect auto-phasing. Phase stability is good (phase scatter is below 20-30 deg).

ATCA phased up manually on 1740-517 (using a mockup schedule) at 04:03 UT - normal auto phasing scan was lost due to windstow and the previous one was for the fringe finder observation at different part of the sky (although that solution was not too bad). However, windstow periods became lengthy after 01:00 often with all antennas stowed. Perhaps, not a very useful dataset anyway.

Auto-phasing missed around 04:42 due to windstow (little effect given manual phasing done earlier and the fact that the array is stowed most of the time anyway).

Manual phasing was done to ATCA after scan 340 was started. The preceding scan intended for auto-phasing was missed due o wind stow. New phases came in effect just before 05:53.

Missed auto-phasing at 06:55 UT due to windstow, but phases looked acceptable (it stowed before phases had time to be determined, but stayed a few cycles on the right source).

Based on fringe-finders before/after the science block there were no ATCA delay jumps during the part of the schedule which has scientific interest.

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