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  • Test Apple Xserve RAIDS DONE
  • Connect DAS to pkvsi1 (not v1pks)
  • Check VSIC connections
  • Test DAS


  • Copy DAS profiles from v1mop DONE
  • Reconfig network setup DONE
  • Get turret rotation/translation working again
  • Verify 12mm Rx setup/operation
  • Verify all updated software working.
  • Setup hybrid for circular polarisation at 12mm. May have to be done on Wedn.


  • Reconnect VSIC and test DONE
  • Test dodgey channel on VSIC/cables DONE


  • Check CVS version DONE


  • Check CVS version
  • Check can connect to green


  • Create VC fringes test experiments
  • Check CVS versio upto date
  • Merge UDP version?
  • Check cdisko working OK
  • Investigate cdisko scheduling
  • Check RtFC works with green
  • Copy schedules to all observatories and run atcasched at Mopra/ATCA
  • Label all disks
  • Update the disk status page on the wiki with disk IDs
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