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Recording to disks ATNF V010/A, partition 1 from 35/0100 to 35/1330 (disk ext2 label is AT_V010A_P1)

Recording to disks ATNF V010/A, partition 2 from 35/1330 to 36/0200 (disk ext2 label is AT_V010A_P2)

The log from experiment v190l has been copied to:

ANTAB and UVFLG files have been copied to the same place.

2008.035.04:24:09.74;“antenna off source for last few minutes but OK again now

2008.035.04:26:26.07;”problem was X2 pwr base fault. Fixed with: abort, drvoff, wait 5 sec, drvon - all in Vdesk. Then onsource in FS oprin.

scan done on 1934 to calibrate Tsys prior to fringe check expt.

RX atten set to 13.75 dB

Trombone 28 steps out from innner limit

Agilent 4.0

42 dB channel separation at 1666

SMX 702, SMY 670 MHz

819.5 2nd Harmonic produces 5 Mhz on Ch1 band splitter

DAS profile VSOP_HO

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