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Recording to disks ATNF V001 B1-7 partition 1.

Ceduna on source and recording at 08 55UT.


1st LO 17.5GHz.

2nd LO 436 MHz.

Coherence tones 892.2, 892.84 (25th harmonic).

DAS profile: (band was flipped with vsop).

Recording RCP/LCP at centre frequency 22316MHz.

Disk change due at 20:55.

System temperatures were not calibrated prior to this experiment, and the values used are reverse engineered from expected values. Sorry about that.

09:15 Weather: 29.8'C, 75% humidity, 1017HPa, Southerly wind 30km/hr, clear skies.

12:35 Weather: 16.4'C, 97.4% humidity, 1017HPa, SSE winds 20km/hr, clear skies.

12:32 off source to try another tsys cal scan.

13:02 back on source, scan successful. Rx works but Tsys values are 15484Jy and 14019Jy RCP and LCP respectively, which is about 3-4x worse than expected. Very high humidity though despite clear skies.

20:55 scheduled disk change complete. Weather: 14'C, 100% humidity, 1015HPa, winds 18 km/h SSE. Clear skies.

22:26:48 1 PPS missed.

23:20 Weather: 17.8'C, 70% humidity, 1016HPa, winds SE at 20km/hr, clear skies.

01:30 Weather: 21.4'C, 51% humidity, 1017HPa, winds SE at 32km/hr, clear skies.

04:00-04:10 off source, rakbus, drivepc and field system restart.

05:15 Weather: 24.7'C, 52.7% humidity, 1016HPa, southerly wind at 30km/hr, clear skies, good visibility.

06:50:32 1PPS missed.

07:37 Weather: 23.4'C, 52.7% humidity, 1016HPa, southerly wind at 24km/hr, clear skies.

07:58 stop record

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