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recorded to SWIN_V005A_P1 then SWIN_V005A_P2 mounted as xraid0_0 then xraid0_1

The log from experiment v252b has been copied to:

ANTAB and UVFLG files have been copied to the same place.

Wind stow:

038/0029 - 0141, 82 minutes

038/0206 - 0311, 65 minutes

038/0327 - 0502, 95 minutes

K-band receiver and backend setup information:

Agilent 16.6

IF 516 to control room

smy 636

DAS profile VSOP_HO

coherence was tested at backend usng 505 MHz tone to give 5 MHz onto recorded ch 1

Observers: John Dickey, Brett Reid, Eric Baynes

Observer comments follow:

2008.037.10:16:22.44;“weather: heavy overcast, light mist

2008.037.11:29:18.13;”weather: rain

2008.037.18:53:37.37;“weather: clear

2008.037.19:40:13.22;”note: cDisk0 is complaining about the header time.

2008.037.19:40:36.54;“note: I don't see any problems with clocks

2008.037.23:38:07.09;”weather: 50% cloud cover

2008.038.00:29:07.13;“wind stow


2008.038.01:39:39.56;“slewing to source

2008.038.02:08:40.82;”wind stow

2008.038.03:02:15.37;“slewing to source after wind stow

2008.038.03:30:17.51;”wind stowed again

2008.038.05:01:08.18;“Driving to source now

2008.038.05:13:19.19;”Weather is warm and calm, 50% scattered clouds.



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