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Recording to ATNF V002A

Slight delay in getting going due to wrong ATCA correlator config file: on source and recording by 09:05.

CA01, CA02, CA03, CA04 only (CA05 out due to drive problem).

ATCA array EW352:CA01 (W102), CA02 (W104), CA03 (W109), CA04 (W112).

CA02 sampler stats for both IF1 and IF2 have occasionally been wandering off and wandering back for the last day or so. They are continuing to do so now.

10:16UT phase up array in last minute of 0637-752 scan.

12:23UT phase up in first 2mins of 0438-436 scan.

15:56UT phase up in last 2 min of 1549-790 scan.

00:15UT phased up array

01:35UT antenna 2 has sync errors - dropped from phased array. So now only 134 are tied

01:40UT cain init - array stopped for a minute or two

01:49UT stow CA02 as “cain init”s don't fix the problem. local staff investigating.

02:00UT disruptions to observing while stopping and testing swapped modules in CA02. These require “cain init” and “init”s which throw out delays, so all data suspect or useless until further notice…

03:10UT Have cacal-ed delays and phases (with 90 deg offset) so should be back on-air from this time, with ca01, ca03 and ca04. Having problems talking to catie box, but Adam's kindly done a quick fringe check (AT-PA-MP) and confirmed all appears okay. Mopra goes off-air at 03:25 for repairs to UPS.

04:13UT another short disruption while testing CA02. About 8 minutes dodgy data.

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