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Recording to ATNF V006 A1-7

1st LO 13.05 GHz.
2nd LO 627 MHz.
Coherence tones 841.4 and 843.0 MHz.
System temperatures 576 and 608 Jy (RCP, LCP) for a centre frequency of 8.425GHz.
Maser leads GPS by 5.34 microseconds.
DAS profile

Disk change due at 21:00.

08:55 Weather: 21.6'C, 54.7% humidity, 1017HPa, Southerly winds 30km/hr, clear skies.

09:02 Wind stow, rakbus reset - lost weather command again, as well as station alarm noises.

09:09 back to source, alarms restored.

Rakbus giving trouble, frequently losing wth command. Reset a few times. Or maybe it's the drive PC. Maybe life will be better without antenna monitor to clutter up how many things hang off the drivepc? No idea. We'll see.

11:15:55 1 PPS missed.

11:27 Weather: 17'C, 96.7% humidity, 1018HPa, Southerly winds 26km/hr, clear skies.

21:00:34 Change disk recording partitions, on source again.

00:23 Weather: 18.3'C, 62.3% humidity, 1017HPa, SE winds 28 km/hr, 70% scattered cloud cover.

04:20 Weather: 24'C, 40% humidity, 1018HPa, SSE winds at 20km/hr, 30% cloud in North and West.

05:09 Wind stow

05:19 Briefly back to source before another wind stow.

05:38 Back on source some time after 05:28, Wind stow again 05:38.

06:30 Still stowed. Weather: 22.9'C, 50% humidity, 1017HPa, southerly winds 36km/hr, 40% cloud cover.

07:05 Still stowed.

07:53 Still stowed, so stopped recording early - wind limits were not going to be left within the next 5 minutes, so given up on last source. Sorry guys.

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