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Disk labels AT_V008A_P1 and AT_V008A_P2 sent to Swinburne 13/2/08 AaE 0192155

The log from experiment v252c has been copied to:

ANTAB and UVFLG files have been copied to the same place.

No wind stows or other problems.

X-band dual pol Receiver and Backend setup:

using DAS profile rather than the

Fringe-checks and coherence confirm this is correct

2nd LO turned to 777 MHz

Tone in is 841.4 MHz

Tsys ~450 Jy

Observers Jamie McCallum, Eric Baynes, Jamie Stevens, Shari Breen

2008.038.09:03:25.40;“System coherent

2008.038.10:25:34.80;”Clocks ok.

2008.038.10:26:40.63;“Weather is cool and calm with 50% scattered cloud.

2008.038.10:30:03.80;”System coherent

2008.038.16:04:40.45;“System coherent

2008.038.16:06:14.98;”Weather is cool, clear and calm.

2008.038.20:33:59.93;“System coherent

2008.038.20:34:04.28;”Clocks ok

2008.038.20:35:12.53;“Weather is cool, 25% thin scattered cloud and light winds.

2008.038.21:30:06.25;”System temperatures are lower than expected (Scans on 3C161 indicate ~450 Jy)

2008.039.07:11:13.29;“weather: 100% cloud cover

Regards, Brett

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