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Recording to disks ATNF V017 A1-7

Rakbus and drivepc restart and .prc conversion to linux meant Ceduna data rubbish until ~04:25. Windstowed most of the time since ~04:50 (now 05 25).

Southerly winds ~30km/hr, gusting to 50km/hr. We haven't had time to set the new windspeed limits yet, maybe for the next experiment, or now if it doesn't look like improving. 100% cloud cover, 54% humidity, 25'C, 1020 HPa.

Systemp suspiciously low in channel 2 at start of experiment, but now 634/519, (should be 600). May need to be rescaled.

Experiment name incorrect in cDisko - recording as v254c. Oops.

05:35 Changing windstow limits up 5km/hr. Still stowed. Systemp in channel 2 now higher than expected.

05:58 Rebooting Ceduna (control pc). Why does VLBI never go smoothly? Still stowed.

06:05 On source finally! New wind speed limits in place, still gusting to about 45km/hr.

06:29 Wind stow

06:40 Back on source

08:45 Winds fairly steady Southerly at 30km/hr, but all appears to be well. Completely overcast, 21.7'C, 72% humidity, 1018Hpa.

11:22 Weather: 19.2'C, 84.7% humidity, 1018HPa, SSE wind 20km/hr, overcast. System coherent (coherence tones 826.1, 827.7, 851.7, 853.3MHz). Maser leads GPS by 5.38 microseconds. Sys temps currently 655/794. 1PPS missed at 06:35:04. Disk change due at 1600UT.

16:10 Disk change complete. Recording to second partition on ATNF V017 A1-7.

Have re-named all files recorded to the first partition so that the original typo (v254c instead of v254b as above) has been erased. : 22:30 Weather: 16.8'C, 89.3% humidity, 1015 HPa, SSE wind 27 km/h, scattered cloud. 1PPS missed at 17:06:15, no other errors to report.

00:50 Weather: 21'C, ~61% humidity, 1016.5HPa, SSE winds 23 km/hr, 10% cloud cover on Northern horizon.

02:11:29 1 PPS missed

03:24:00 1PPS missed.

03:50 Weather: 23.4'C, 55.5% humidity, 1017 HPa, southerly wind 20km/hr, 2% cloud. Experiment all fine.

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