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 +First 10 minutes recorded with fs time out by several minutes - this did not causes any premature slews, etc though. Reported time of clkoff measurements is out by a large amount (several hours). pcfs computer restarted at 0620 to try to fix this. 
 +Recorded RCP only, confirmed via fringe-checks.
 +Recorded to the 750 GB disk array CURT V009A. 
 +Agilent set to 13.04 GHz to give effective first LO of 8940 MHz. 
 +2nd LOs were 637 and 669 for 8425 and 8457 respectively. DAS profile was VSOP.PRO 
 +CAL values checked prior to experiment using scans of 3C161. CAL height is 77 Jy
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