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recorded to CURT V012 A1-A7


06:28 - 07:38 missed due to multiple problems with the antenna

11:34 - 12:18 wind stowed

Spikes in autocorrelations would have been due to geodesy phasecal being IN

Setup info:
S/X receiver RCP only
DAS profile VSOP_HO
8080 1st LO
2nd LOs are 807 and 775 MHz
coherence is at 841 MHz

Observers: Shari and Brett. Comments follow:
2009.054.11:10:24.21;“weather:cloudy, moderate winds
2009.054.11:35:24.91;”wind stow
2009.054.17:52:50.41;“weather: raining
2009.054.21:00:52.59;”weather: cold and wet
2009.054.22:36:49.53;“weather: rain stopped an hour ago

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