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Recording to ATNF V006B

Tied CA01..04

Reference ant CA02 - W104

13:00-13:10 Recording Dual pol Dual DAS 6.6/6.6 GHz - channels 1-8
13:08-13:20 Recording Dual pol single DAS 6.6 gHz - chanels 1-4
13:21– Recording Single pol, dual freq

Phases of tied array seem stable.
15:24UT on 1729-373 shows a spread of ~10-20 degs. Did not reset.
16:22UT attempted cacal on 1934-638. May not have been finished properly? But phase spred did not change.
17:56UT cacal on 1934-638. Differences were less than 20 degs. Moved to less than 10 degs.

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