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DAS profile : VSOP.PRO

Agilent : 12.2 GHz, SML/Y : 468 & 810 MHz for two bands (6316 and 6658 MHz centre freq respectively)

Recording to disk : CURT_V012A

RCP channel was showing poor SNR ratio, lower than usual gain and higher tsys. When cabling up for the start of the main experiment the level seemed to jump about 20 dB in the RCP channel and it appears to be working properly again.

System temperature measured on Hydra A as 1300 and 900 Jy respectively for RCP and LCP. Looks like we have a dead stage on the RCP LNA which is causing the higher Tsys on that channel Cal heights approximately 235 and 220 Jy for RCP and LCP.

DAS Calibration (during first 20 minutes). First 10 minutes on 3C273 : dual polarization, single frequency (6658 MHz). Swap lasted from 13:10 - 13:11:10 UT. Second 10 minutes on 3C275 : single polarization, single frequency (6658 MHz). Swap lasted from 13:20 - 13:21 UT.

Missing 2×10 second files for 13:30:50 and 13:31:00, when recorder was stopped and restarted to remove fringecheck flag

Change from single pol dual freq to dual pol single freq at 14:35:20 complete at 14:36:30

173100 - Windstow. Somehow we ended up at X=+88
195000 - Observing again.
225930 - Hobart pulled the pin on the experiment to sort out an antenna safety issue with the brakes.

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