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 eVLBI experiment in the middle. eVLBI experiment in the middle.
-Record into removable disks.+Record into xraid1 or removable disks as appropriate.
 Mopra: Change cdisko  "Local Disk Recording"  Mopra: Change cdisko  "Local Disk Recording" 
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 ===== Observing Logs ===== ===== Observing Logs =====
 [[| Parkes onsource flagging]]\\ [[| Parkes onsource flagging]]\\
 +[[ | Parkes Tsys]]\\
 [[| ATCA onsource flagging]]\\ [[| ATCA onsource flagging]]\\
 [[| Mopra onsource flagging]]\\ [[| Mopra onsource flagging]]\\
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