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Data recorder to ATNF V016B

These disks were accidentally removed from the Chassis after the experiment before being unmounted and turned off!! Sorry. My fault (BR) for not giving clear instructions to Peter.

Using room temp S-band Rx.

Agilent set to 7.8 GHz

From top of rack 3: LCP → (400 MHz LPF) → (30 dB amp) → (Atten 12 dB) → Splitter

Splitter_out_1 → (Freq translator RF 1) LO1 (R & S SML) = 837 MHz

Splitter_out_2 → (30 dB amp) → (Atten 20 dB) → Splitter2

Splitter2_out_1 → Spectrum analyser

Splitter2_out_2 → (Freq translator RF 2) LO1 (R & S SML) = 869 MHz

The 400 MHz BPF was put in at ~02:26 UT to try and improve stability by blocking RFI. It helped a little bit but Tsys measurements from PCFS are still not to be trusted.

No data recorded between 02:50 and 03:35 because I forgot to reset the recorder duration after fringe check!

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