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Recording to ATNF-V011/A1-7 mounted as /data/xraid1

Observers: Phil Pope and CDSCC operation Team-C

This log written by Shinji Horiuchi


  RCP->DPLXR->LNA1(maser)->D/C1 (and D/C2 as well), Second LO set to 428 MHz
  LCP LNA is dead, only RCP is being recorded (both IF1 and 2)

039:12:14:54 DSS43 on point

Addition by Phil Pope

039:14:35:56 Switched input for recorder from DSS43 to DSS34.

039:16:19:19 tcp/ip socket between antenna pointing script and pcfs40 failed.

039:16:25:44 We killed process id and restarted antenna pointing

039:16:32:54 Support ended at DSS34.

Note added on DOY 048

flag and Tsys tables have been uploaded to ftp area.

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