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 +Recording DAS1 only to ATNF V005A (/​data/​xraid1 on cavsi1).
 +Reference antenna is CA03 on W84.
 +For C-band:
 +- tied array is 12345
 +- DAS profile is
 +For K-band:
 +- tied array is 3 (poor weather and long array)
 +- DAS profile is
 +At the change of bands the schedule automatically did most of the switching. However changing the focus and DAS profiles takes about 2 minutes per change; do not be surprised to see bad data in these 2 minute periods.
 +The upshot is that the flippiness of the band and polarisations should be the same throughout the experiment, since the AB-phase offset and DAS profile are changed correctly for each band.
 ATCA was stopped for maintenance at 21:32 UTC. ATCA was stopped for maintenance at 21:32 UTC.
 +ATCA came back on source and recording at 22:47 UTC. This time we used only CA02 for K band as CA03 was still out for maintenance. Signal should still appear to come from CA03's position though.
 +For the last C-band section starting at 23:18 UTC, ATCA had only 245 in the tied array, as the rest were out for maintenance.
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