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Update: Data on ATNF V016B (first half of experiment) deleted in error at Ceduna.

Late start. On source as of ~22:20 UT.

Drive PC rebooted itself at ~23:42 UT.

Recorders crashed around the same time, manual reset was required.

Cd back and recording as of ~01:15 UT.

Cd recording mode inverted between 0115 and 0356

Antenna data I/O timeout errors started ~06:35, had to reboot drive PC at ~07:10. fs and schedule went back to normal only after a few restarts, finally on source and tracking ~07:35.

Data of 07:10-07:35 lost, quality of data 06:35-07:10 unknown.

I/O timeouts started again ~07:55. Restarted fs at ~08:02. Stopped due to high wind ~08:05, then fs failed again. Successfully restarted only at ~08:30. Drive PS crashed again at ~08:52, all restarted by ~09:15. Same problem, off again 10:03-10:13.

Changed to ATNF V006A at 1155 (during slew)

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