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Recording DAS1 data to the Xcube disks.

The tied array for both frequency setups is 1245, with reference antenna CA01 on W104.

Start with the 4cm frequency setup, using the DAS profile

The 4cm setup uses offset channel 17 for the VLBI zoom, and as such the “calband 0 0” mode doesn't really represent the phases at the VLBI frequency (this was obvious from a test observation just before the main experiment). So I'm running CABB with “calband 3 0”; the VLBI data is being correctly handled with regard phasing up, but the Tsys from the second IF is going to be the accurate measurement.

Switched to DAS profile for the 16cm frequency setup at 13:28:16 UTC, antennas were focussed for 16cm by 13:30 UTC.

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