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 +Recording DAS1 data to the Xcube disks.
 +The tied array for both frequency setups is 1245, with reference antenna CA01 on W104.
 +Start with the 4cm frequency setup, using the DAS profile
 +The 4cm setup uses offset channel 17 for the VLBI zoom, and as such the "calband 0 0" mode doesn't really represent the phases at the VLBI frequency (this was obvious from the previous experiment). So I'm running CABB with "calband 3 0"; the VLBI data is being correctly handled with regard phasing up, but the Tsys from the second IF is going to be the accurate measurement.
 +Switched to DAS profile for the 16cm frequency setup at 16:28:12 UTC, antennas were focussed for 16cm by 16:30 UTC.
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