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039/04:00 - 21:53 and 040/07:03 - 09:43 recorded to pack HART+518/16000/1024 (1844.6 GiB).
(Supported the EVN part of GG089D from 039/21:53 - 040/06:53).

Scans no0017-18 were off-source due to a drive cooling fan trip disabling antenna.
Scans no0027-28 were off-source to allow investigation/repair of fan power cabling.
Scans no0118 through no0171 missed for GG083D support.
No other known problems.

DAS profiles: N/A (Mark 5/DBBC)
Clock offset (station-GPS) = +3.87us.
Weather: Mostly overcast through first part, and partly cloudy for the latter part.
Observer(s): Jonathan Quick.

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