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-059/12:0? - 15:00 recorded to pack HART+523/32000/1024 (???.GiB).\\+059/12:0? - 15:00 recorded to pack HART+523/32000/1024 (1310.GiB).\\
 \\ \\
-No known problems??\\+No known problems.\\
 \\ \\
 DAS profiles: N/A (Mark 5/DBBC)\\ DAS profiles: N/A (Mark 5/DBBC)\\
 Clock offset (station-GPS) = +0.90us.\\ Clock offset (station-GPS) = +0.90us.\\
-Weather: Mostly clear??\\+Weather: Mostly clear throughout.\\
 Observer(s): Jonathan Quick. Observer(s): Jonathan Quick.
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