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The first 12 hrs of data for v190f should be recorded to Ho1-7, partition 1

The second 12 hrs of data for v190f should be recorded to Ho1-7, partition 2

2007.027.00:55:50.29;“CAL heights derived from scans on 3C348. Scans were affected by noticable interference spikes.

2007.027.00:58:00.32;”3/4 overcast, thick low cloud. Light winds.

2007.027.02:48:19.29;“ A series of showers has passed, sky overhead is clear. Windy.

2007.027.05:03:57.16;”Weather is changeable - scattered clouds, moderate winds with occasional showeres.

2007.027.06:27:34.18;“DAS levels are varying considerably. Interference?

2007.027.08:02:12.83;”DAS levels have steadied.

2007.027.08:03:23.75;“Measured system temperatures seem unreliable, probably due to interference.

2007.027.08:04:38.35;”Weather is 7/8 overcast and windy. Occasional showers.

2007.027.11:44:44.65;“Momentarily stopped the recorder in cDisko, trying to stop the vc017 disk-cleaner. Restarted immediately.

2007.027.11:48:04.85;”Missed one scan v190_Ho_027_114400.lba

2007.027.14:00:34.93;“Now recording to xraid0_1

2007.027.14:03:48.29;”Weather is cool, lightwinds and mostly clear.

2007.027.17:33:13.96;“System coherent

2007.027.21:20:39.76;”“Weather is warm, 1/2 thick cloud moving in and calm.

Above are comments from PCFS log with Jamie McCallum observing. rgds, Brett. 027/2300.

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