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Recording to ATNF-V011/A1-7 mounted as /data/xraid1

Observers: Shinji Horiuchi to start, then Paul Burke (CDSCC operation Team-A)


  RCP->DPLXR->LNA1(maser)->D/C1, Second LO set to 428 MHz
  LCP->LONO->LNA2(hemt)->D/C2, Second LO set to 428 MHz

10:23 DSS43 (70m) started on 0537-441 for fringe-check

12:00 v434c schedule started (still on 0537-441)

12:09 missed the second source due to long slew

21:24:18 observation terminated

Note added on 22 January 2011: flag file, tsys files have been uploaded to ftp area.

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