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Data recorded to disk ATNF V012. First 12 hours recorded to xraid0_0, second 12 on xraid0_1.

The log from experiment v190i has been copied to:

ANTAB and UVFLG files have been copied to the same place.

Missed 10 mins of data (1100-1110) during drive PC and fs restart.

Additional experiment notes: Recorded to disks ATNF V012

RFI prevented a useful single dish calibration scan for tsys prior to the experiment. previous values for cal height were used.

Observers: Brett Reid, Jamie Stevens, Jamie McCallum

Observer comments follow:

2007.208.05:57:27.39;“Weather: overcast, warm north wind

2007.208.05:57:55.82;”Agilent 4GHz

2007.208.05:59:51.26;“IF to control room: 466 center

2007.208.06:00:37.64;”SMX 702 MHz

2007.208.06:01:03.06;“SMY 670 MHz

2007.208.06:01:29.40;”coherence tone 819.5 MHz

2007.208.06:01:47.91;“DAS profile

2007.208.06:36:30.42;”System coherent

2007.208.08:20:50.36;“Weather is cool and calm with 50% scattered overcast.

2007.208.10:52:22.61;”The incessant onsource errors are probably due to Drive PC problems. It will be rebooted at 1100 which should fix this & also the rxp problem

2007.208.11:11:12.90;“Back on source

2007.208.11:17:44.73;”This experiment is being recorded onto ATNF V012

2007.208.11:29:40.59;“System coherent

2007.208.11:32:03.83;”Weather is cool, calm and overcast.

2007.208.13:28:05.11;“System coherent

2007.208.13:30:27.73;”Weather is cool, 80% overcast with light winds

2007.208.17:26:58.39;“System coherent

2007.208.17:28:42.17;”Weather is cool, calm and overcast.

2007.208.21:18:46.87;“System coherent

2007.208.21:19:56.52;”Weather is cool and calm with 75% overcast.



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