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Data recorded on /data/xraid0

03:00:45 On source, IF2 Das level very low, little rain

04:07:00 IF2 64MHz Bandpass filter removed to yield appropriate level

05:00:00 Sky is clear

05:48:00 IF2 filter in place again

05:54:00 IF2 filter removed again

08:06:32 xplot log started for power in time

09:58:00 Sky is partly clear

10:10:00 1604-4441 xplot/squarelaw=30.7469/2.12622=14.4608

10:29:00 1921-293 on source, xplot/squarelaw=38.0520/2.424731=15.6933

10:32:30 Squarelaw sampler terminated

12:06:00 observing terminated

12:20:24 end of xplot log

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