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Data is recorded to disk set ATNF V009 xraid1_0

The log from experiment v234a has been copied to: ANTAB and UVFLG files have been copied to the same place.

RCP seems to have a significantly worse system temperature than expected (2500 Jy rather than 1000 Jy). LCP is ok (~950 Jy).

Additional experiment notes:

Experiment went OK.

Observers: Jamie McCallum, Jamie Stevens. Observer comments follow:

2007.208.23:35:25.75;“CAL heights for systemp measurements have been check with a scan on Hydra. The different system temperatures seem to be real.

2007.208.23:35:41.75;”Quadrature hybrid is out, feeds direct.

2007.208.23:36:04.59;“Agilent set to 7.8 GHz

2007.208.23:36:35.74;”2nd LO set to 820 for a centre frequency of 2268 MHz into the frequency translator.

2007.208.23:36:50.66;“Coherence with a tone of 225.7 MHz

2007.208.23:37:02.88;”Using VSOP.PRO

2007.208.23:37:58.15;“Recording to disk set ATNF V009, xraid1_0



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