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 184/09:30: Weather: cold, overcast, calm. 184/09:30: Weather: cold, overcast, calm.
-184/21:30: Weather: heavily overcast, thick fog, cold, wind SW 13km/hr (pretty quiet).\\ +184/21:20: Weather: heavily overcast, thick fog, cold, wind SW 13km/hr (pretty quiet).\\ 
-Overnight - more 1 sec out header errors at .......+More 1 sec out header errors at 05:53, 13:20, 13:21 and 17:46 
 +184/21: 21:43: Fog has lifted.\\ 
 +Comments: There'​s been a maser hut temperature warning since ~2am AEST (1600 UT), but looking at the monitoring page it looks like it started going wonky ~4:30am AEST on 3rd July, but is now drifting badlyCurrently trending back up toward 20' (currently about 18) with the outside temperature (which is much lower, of course!)The maser temperature did not vary more than 1 degree from 20 until about 1am AEST, whence it got down to ~17 at 4am (still 17 degrees above ambient!)Warnings have now stopped, but that might just be because it's now within a couple of degrees of 20 again.
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