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-Start Disk set UTAS V001B.\\ 
-Changed to ATNF V002B after ~6 hours 
-Tied antennas 12345.\\ 
-Phase offset -90 degrees. 
-Had setup problems at ATCA. Did not get fully resolved till 00:30:00 UT !! 
-Started schedule on time ok. But the fringe from RtFC shows only RR and RL fringes. RL stronger which may mean frequencies wrong way? \\ 
-22:09:30 UT -22:14 UT changed connections to 2-boards and reprogrammed. No change!! \\ 
-23:07-23:09 UT. Inserted 180 phase shift to all antennas B pols. Now phase offset = -90 deg. Now RR is stronger than LR. Still no LL/RL \\ 
-23:42 - 23:49 UT. Swapped inputs at CABB interface. Still no change!! \\ 
-00:07 - 00:12 UT. Found DAS inputs wrong in one polarisation. Swapped DAS inputs correct and swapped CABB interfaces as well. Reset catie but that affected 2-board outputs. Reset at 00:19UT\\ 
-00:25:30 - 00:30:00 UT. Moved back to 1-board implementation. Fringes at 00:31:10 UT look great and pols now correct for ALL channels. 
-~03:30 UT '​Bigbuf'​ errors - did not really go away for more than 15 mins.\\ 
-03:47  Stopped and started recording on disk set ATNF V002B from UT 03:48:00. 
-11:58:30 UT Started recording to CURT V002A (remotely on cavsi2, where Mopra was recording earlier) in directory v271c_At 
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