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  • recorded to ATNF V005 B1 - B7
  • removed BG3 cable - now straight through

Recording to V005B

Ceduna not recording between 2218-2234 . Recorder stopped to fix scheduled start error, but not restarted correctly.

Tone @ 8456.0005 MHz between 2318-2329

Link to Ceduna dropped out at about 15:48. Back up by 20:00 UT. Processes on cdvsi seem to be unaffected, including the vncserver. Field system running fine, cDisko seems to be running, but the text is lost from the cDisko window. Will stop/start when this project finishes. JD

Stopped recording at 22:15. 219 Gby remaining in ATNF V005B. Program finished at 22:00 UT.

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