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Mark 5 recording to Parkes 005, Parkes 001 (later).
Recording secondary data to ATNF V001B, ATNF V014A.

Observers: Aidan Hotan, Claire Hotan, Aquib Moin

DAS profile: (x2)
Cables: Huygens in DAS + Mk 5 cabling
Receiver: Mars
Polarisation: LCP, RCP

Clock offset: 1.58us

UT start: sched start at ~22:08, onsource and recording at 22:13 (day 185).

Comments: Sorry about late start, we hadn't realised it was fringe check, not experiment when we came on deck! Big “whoops”!

A few bigbuff errors and 1s delay warnings, probably fine.

Weather: foggy morning, cold, calm

186/00:31 - Weather is ~60% cloudy, cool, southerly breeze at 12km.
cDisko now giving warnings that header time differs from wall clock by 2 sec

186/02:35 - Bigbuff occasionally drops to ~75% before recovering on this disk set. I had thought this was due to my earlier deletion of fringe check data from the same partition, but that finished a while ago and the bigbuff errors are still occurring.

186/04:34 - warmer, SW winds 15km/hr, 10% cloud cover
Still getting BigBuf and/or header time messages fairly regularly.

186/06:57 - weather is cool, mostly clear, southerly breeze 5km/hr.
A couple more header offset warnings in the last couple of hours, but none since 05:30.

186/10:27:10 - stop recording for disk change.
Had to kill some stuff to unmount disks. Sorry if that was you!
Back recording to disks at 186/10:33 (Mk5 continued).
LBA recording missed 3 scans.

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