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Recording to CURT V001A

Reference antenna is CA01 on pad W104.

Severe problems at ATCA. First time VLBI with CABB.

1. CAOBS could not read UTC schedules properly. Fixed and on schedule at 09:07:20 UT.

2. Can only use DAS1 on 2nd atca freq. Had to plu Huygen's cable timing into DAS1 (no direct cables!!). Could write only with vsib_record directly. Command: “vsib_record -t 19h -o v275c_At -m 2 -c xo” and started at 08:29:05 UT.

3. Can only tie CA01 (no fringe rotation). +90 deg phase in ok, but it may swap polarisations.

4. Not enough gain into DAS. Stats 0,50,50,0 !!

~10:35 - 11:15 UT - fixing statistics. Now 17,33,33,17. BEFORE THIS time stats were way off. Not sure what the impact will be on the data.

11:20 UT - fixed to produce circulars. BEFORE this pols are uncertain!!

11:31 - 13:08 OFF schedule. Testing on 1921-293. Implemented new code fro fringe-rotation, tying the antennas and circular polarisation.

  • BEFORE 13:08UT data of doubtful value BUT all is on disk.

13:08UT On-source with TIED antennas 1345. Tied ok on 1921-293 and should have circulars, nominal LCP,RCP but could easily be the other way around. Phases looked very stable.

Note: shadowing may be an issue in this array configuration: H75. See

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