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  • Recording to Disk set ATNF V016B
  • Recording started 070040, antenna onsource at that time also
  • 22 GHz receiver, focus position 55, 140, 5mm
  • Agilent set to 16.6 GHz, 16 dBm
  • SMY set to 636 MHz, 10 dBM
  • Gives a sky centre frequency of 22316 MHz
  • RCP into IF processor#1 on DAS, LCP into #2
  • Straight through (BG1 cable)
  • DAS profile VSOP_HO.PRO
  • Coherence achieved with an 892.2 MHz tone into tone port (25th harmonic is 22305 MHz)
  • Clock offset 12.3 microseconds, maser leads GPS
  • Brief coherence tone at 22305 MHz at 071238 (on for a few seconds).
  • Did a couple of scans on Virgo and 1253-05 prior to the start of the experiment. Sources detected, both are around 20 Jy at 22 GHz and were at moderately low elevations of around 20-30 degrees, but scans noisy. The weather at Ceduna was overcast and windy (Hobart was more overcast but still). Implied system temperatures from rough calculations very high, suspect true system temperature around 2500 Jy at Hobart and similar (perhaps 3500 Jy) at Ceduna. Cal heights used for system temperature measurements have been scaled to give roughly these values.
  • Lost data (70 seconds total) 14:45:10 - 14:46:20. Cdisko was frozen. Data was still being recorded. I killed cdisko (control-c), but it wouldn't restart, when I typed nothing happened. I had to stop and restart the server recorder on hovsi, then cdisko restarted OK.
  • Significant rain overnight >5mm of rain (15-22 UT), crappy weather for 22 GHz, expect poor performance from Hobart over that period.
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