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 183/21:51: Weather: ~70% low-level (though not thick) cloud, cold, WSW winds 24km/hr. 183/21:51: Weather: ~70% low-level (though not thick) cloud, cold, WSW winds 24km/hr.
 +183/22:16: Evidently I'm not imagining it, cDisko just gave an error, from pkvsi1: Server Warning: Header time is offset from wall clock time by 1 seconds.\\
 +1 seconds! :)\\
 +It probably is, though, Showtel lags the AT distributed clock by 1 sec. Not sure why we didn't get any messages before now.
 +183/22:14: BigBuff error - 77%.
 +184/00:06: Weather: complete cloud cover, cold, SW winds 36km/hr!
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